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Mr. Shafayat Nizam

 is administering the family business and from his beginning of business career in 2012, he has proofed himself worthy in the subject of administration and has the vision to gradually develop competency and responsibility in the family business. He is
administering the management and in charge of the company’s distribution line in the field of fish & shrimp.

Partner, COO & In Charge of Business Development

Mr. Arafat Nizam

is in charge of the logistic chain of the company. He is experienced in logistics management and tying up the loose ends in the supply chain as he has experience in this subject and vigorously exceling himself. Mr.Arafat Nizam is overviewing and developing the company’s trading of essential commodities and monitoring the company’s day-to-day activities in Chattogram.
Partner, CMO & In Charge of Logistics Management

Mr. Shafquat Nizam

is responsible for the business development of the company and in charge of the shrimp, fish and agricultural farms. He has the mind’s eye and a passionate pursuit of innovations and their dynamics and chemistry setting new trends in technology, know-how, products, processes, procedures and practices. He is methodical in his approach, but also in the same breath a dreamer and a visionary.
Business Development

Mr. Nizamuddin Mahmood Selim remains a catalyst for lending synergies to management.