HiPro is a high quality, easily digestible feed, formulated to meet the nutritional needs of postlarvae. An innovative micro-coating technique
locks in nutrients and prevents leaching until it is consumed by the shrimp.


• Simple to use - Just add straight to the rearing tanks and
avoid complex rehydration procedures.
• Ensure water stability through controlled buoyancy
maintaining feed in the water column.
• Minimal feed wastage to maximise feed intake .
• Controlled buoyancy - To ensure high food availability in
the water column.
• High Survival - High nutrient availability for stronger PL.
• Fast Growth - Targeted nutrition and precise size distribution support fast growth.

Crude Protein : min 50%
Crude Fat : min 10%
HUFA : min 3%
Crude Ash : max 12%
Moisture : max 8%

Marine protein, plant protein, marine lipids, plant lipids,
vitamins, minerals, carotenoids.

• Store at room temperature.
• Keep in refrigerator once opened and use within one
month of opening.

SyAqua unique formula and advanced microcoating
technology protects the nutrients until the feed is eaten.