Soil health depends on three vital components: physical, chemical and biological. Soil biological fertility encompasses an entire community of microorganisms, called a microbiome. Each organism in the microbiome plays a unique role in maintaining soil health and productivity. Chemical intensive methods of agriculture have severely reduced soil biological fertility. To redress this, the soil needs microbiome replenishment.


Magic Gro DripSOL contains a consortium of highly beneficial microbes that can naturally adapt to varying geo-climatic conditions and develop a unique microbial fingerprint. This helps create and maintain a healthy ecological balance within the soil and boosts sustainable agriculture. On application through drip irrigation, Magic gro DripSOL helps crops improve nutrient uptake, boosts immunity and increases productivity. With it’s revolutionary Biosensor and Bioactivator technology, Magic Gro DripSOL can increase crop yield, enhance crop quality and reduce dependence on agrochemicals even under adverse climatic conditions.

1. Enhances nutrient assimilation by the crop
2. Improves immunity & suppresses soil borne pathogen attack
3. Hastens decomposition of organic matter & improves top soil quality
4. Increases seed germination and viability
5. Reduces dependency on chemical inputs