Phosphorus is part of the trifecta of plant macronutrients that govern plant nutrition. It plays a central role in the creation of biological energy from light via photosynthesis. It is a vital component of the genetic material and plays an intrinsic role in plant metabolic functions. Most of the inorganic phosphorus content in farms soils today is bio-unavailable and cannot be assimilated by the plant directly.


Phosphorus deficiencies due to inadequate uptake can have severe effects on crop yield as well as quality. Magic Gro PSB contains a host of beneficial bacteria that accelerates the conversion of this insoluble form of phosphorus into soluble forms that can be assimilated by plants. This improves the nutrient utilisation efficiency and significantly lowers chemical input costs.
1. enhances phosphorus bioavailability in the soil rhizosphere
2. accelerates plant growth by influencing plant growth promoting hormones
3. improves flower formation and seed production.