Plant-microbe interaction extends well over the soil rhizosphere. Microbes colonise the plant phyllosphere and heavily influence plant vigor and productivity. Microbes are the first line of defense against pathogen attacks and are responsible for the alleviation of biotic and abiotic stress. Rampant use of chemicals has depleted the natural microflora that resides on crop, drastically reducing their natural immunity and, consequently, yields. Magic gro Super uses Biosensor and Bioactivator technology applied through foliar spray to enhance the plant phyllospheric microbiome.


Magic Gro Super contains a consortium of highly adaptable microbes that colonise the plant phyllosphere and help boost crop vigor, enhance immunity against biotic and abiotic stress and thus boost overall crop productivity. Magic gro Super boosts photosynthetic efficiency, promotes branching with an improved yield and quality of produce. It imprives flowering and fruit setting thus reducing yield losses due to plant stress.
1. Improves immunity, enhances crop quality and yield
2. Helps plants withstand biotic and abiotic stress
3. Improves flower and fruit setting
4. Enhances plant metabolism and increases photosynthetic activity
5. lowers dependence on application of chemical inputs