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PRODUCT NAME : AMINTA Benefits: Improve the hepatic cell and cell protection against the effect of toxic substance....

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Probiotic and Enzyme

PRODUCT NAME : PRO B-S Probiotic Supplement for Aquaculture Benefits: Control pathogen bacteria, Vibio harveyi, Flexibacteriosis,...

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Goldcoin Hi-Pro

HiPro is a high quality, easily digestible feed, formulated to meet the nutritional needs of postlarvae. An innovative...

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Magic Gro PSB

Phosphorus is part of the trifecta of plant macronutrients that govern plant nutrition. It plays a central role in the...

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Magic Gro Super

Plant-microbe interaction extends well over the soil rhizosphere. Microbes colonise the plant phyllosphere and heavily...

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Magic Gro-Drip SOL

Soil health depends on three vital components: physical, chemical and biological. Soil biological fertility encompasses...

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